what is supercult?

super cult is some sick-ass shit.

for sure?
for sure.

who makes the art that looks like:

an inkwizard from the northeast... karina figueroa

who makes the art that looks like:

this sick-ass paint brusher named boris vallejo.
he is one of the most important things to ever happen
to wizards and barbarians.

why do you guys remind me of ___________.com?
a lot of people have ripped us off. it's pretty lame. we
started before SG, BA, GG, or any of the "alt"
sites, and that's just a fact. search the domain registrations.

do i have to be pierced or tattooed to model?
no. that's stupid. this isn't about everyone looking
the same. cookie-cutter "alt.porn" is just as bad as
cookie-cutter anything else.

your competitors are now backed by major corporations. who owns you guys?
we are a 100% D.I.Y. independently owned and run business.

i heard chase is "really tall"

that's not what my sister said.
she's wrong

what do i do to cancel?
e-mail with your full name,
transaction number, or email address,
amber@supercult.com and we'll send you a confirmation that
your account is no longer active

when was supercult started?
january 2001

are there really supercult mansions?

how do i sign up?
click here

who would win in a fight? rocco or richard simmons?

i thought you were in boston?

we were. now we are not.

who would win in a fight? ice wizard or dragon?
tie. both cancel each other out. although ice wizard
will have to rest for longer afterwards.

are you guys really a cult?
no. but, that's cute that you thought that.

if supercult was an animal, what would it be?
a peacock with a snake wrapped around his neck